14/05/2020 - Pharmaxx INC.

JOB DESCRIPTION FOR DIRECTOR OF CLINICLE TRIALS DEVELOPMENT POSITION Pharmaxx, Inc. (PMI) is a Growing Biotechnology Company, which is located at 30590 Cochise Circle, Murrieta California, 92563, USA. PMI develops, and manufactures molecular diagnostic products for infectious diseases, and cancer mutation detection. PMI is expanding its Development Department on Coronavirus PCR test kits in conjunction with conventional Real-Time PCR using standard fluorescent probe for detection and novel End-Point PCR using Chemiluminescent probe for detection of RNA of COVID-19 virus, to cope with false negative and false positive of commercially available Real-Time PCR test kits in the world markets. PMI is urgently looking for candidate to fill up our position need for a Director of Development of assay’s clinical trial design, and the head of RNA/DNA diagnostic test division for COVID Test development team, in helping development/manufacturing, QA, and QC departments to finish the final step for commercialization of products in Eastern European Markets, Asian markets including Vietnam Market. The qualified candidate leads and works with groups in USA, Hungary and Vietnam, in helping to design & optimize diagnostic test kits for Coronavirus infectious disease under clinical trials. Candidate influent in Vietnamese and English is a must, and works on final QC and Technical Support on commercialization of our product lines. BACKGROUND and EXPERIENCE Candidate must have Ph. D. and M. D. Degrees, with over 10 - 15 years of experience in clinical or hospital settings, familiar with infectious diseases, and ventilation systems in working areas of BSL (Biological Safety Level) 2, 3. She or he should have experience in Intensive Care Unit, or tissue culture, and should be experience in handling with Clinical Setting with deadly microorganism viruses, bacteria, etc. and experience in ventilator-associated pneumonia, and antibiotic resistance, DNA/RNA detection at sensitivity of < 0.5 of wild-type genes using PCR or RT-PCR assays, and Gene Analysis using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) systems. She or he will be responsible in working with coronavirus clinical trial design facilities independently based on the coronavirus mutation targets, that contain sequence specificity. If your expertise is matched with the above criteria please contact with HR Department of Pharmaxx, Inc. Human Resource Department of Pharmaxx, Inc. 30590 Cochise Circle, Murrieta, CA 92563, USA. Phone Number: +1 (951) 446-5924  

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